Daniel Peed has helped me so much! He has very helpful advice, and has answered all of my questions! Thank you again Daniel!!!!!

Winnie Fisher

Daniel has been a godsend

Daniel has been a godsend to us just starting Keto and to anyone that needs help with this way of eating. He has all of the information that you will need to get started as far as macros and using different apps to track your progress. With his help, I was able to lose 12 pounds in a week and continue to lose weight week after week. He is very supportive and helpful! Thank you Daniel!

Tina Springer

Daniel is a constant ray

Daniel is a constant ray of light and positivity! He is knowledgeable and encouraging. A true support system!


‘Thank you” so much for

‘Thank you” so much for your prompt, knowledgeable and response to all of our Keto questions. We value and appreciate you so much. Better health is on the way for many because of you. Thank you!

Merism Bard

Daniel was very prompt and thorough in communicating with me. With so much information out there it is hard to calculate your macros and do so confidently. With the help of KetoInfo’s knowledgeable staff I am sure of my macronutrient needs and excited to continue my journey with keto. I will certainly use him again in the future if I need assistance.

Loryn Teater