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Personalized Macro CalculationPersonalized Macro Calculation is something that you can't find many places. While there are plenty of free calculators out there, your needs can't always be determined fully by a calculator. So, this is why instead of just another 'automatic calculator', we created a contact form to capture the most important information. Then, once that information is submitted, someone will get back in touch with a result or with additional questions if they are needed.

Remember, we fully support and encourage you to double check our work. If you feel that you aren't getting results, look into our coaching programs. With our coaching program we can truly get a better understanding of your lifestyle, and better formulate a plan of attack. Our goal is to get you on the path to better wellness!

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If you appreciate the time and work that we put into this project, please post a testimonial or donate. We are struggling to keep the website going, but we want to help as many people as possible. Donations are greatly appreciated, as they will allow us to continue helping people. Please don't forget, we do also offer products for sale & services that are available to help support you on your journey.

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