Health & Wellness Memberships!


We’ve set out to change the way people look at Preventative Healthcare, and today we’re going to introduce you to our preventative systems. Before we get to that, I’d like to show you just how beneficial our membership can be to you financially.

Financial Comparison

Now, think of someone like a Therapist whom you would have to go to maybe once or twice a week, or even once or twice a month. Going to a therapist can cost as little as $40 if you find a therapist that is truly willing to work with you, and up to as much as $2-500. Let’s assume your therapist is an average therapist who charges about middle of the line which is around $75. Let’s assume you have to go twice a month just to get started, then 4 times a week once it’s established what your treatment cycle will be like.


This means that in a years time, you’ll be looking at paying $3450 for a Therapist in a years time. Now how does this relate to Health and Wellness? That’s a great question, well as a part of our program we don’t just look at the nutritional aspect. We also take on the emotional task of assisting you through the entire process. Many people sometimes have to see a therapist because they have issues either adjusting to the lifestyle, or adjusting to the new body image. There are many reasons those who do take on Health and Wellness challenges end up having to see Therapists or Psychologists.


So, instead of having to invest in a Therapist or Psychologist, you’ll be able to save that money just by having your membership here at MyKetoInfo. You’ll have a Coach who has been in your shoes, and knows exactly what you are going through. Our coaches are all people who have been on tough Health and Wellness journeys, and we will match our clientele appropriately according to the best match available.

Our Programs

The benefits of a membership with MyKetoInfo can help you for years to come in pursuit of a healthier lifestyle. Upon signing up for a membership, you’ll receive a survey which will allow us to gather some information about you. We assess your current health levels, and what you are hoping to attain through a series of questions and answers. Once you have filled that survey out, we assign you a Coach whom is most in line with your goals. Your personal coach will walk through with you, and review what you are looking to accomplish.


Once your individual needs have been discussed, then your Coach will develop a set of ideas and programs specifically tailored for you. We take into consideration many factors upon developing programs for people, age, current ability levels, and more. Once the coach presents his programs to you, you can ask questions, make suggestions, or offer ideas of changes you might like to make. The coach will then refine the program accordingly, and you’ll be ready to take off on your journey. From there your coach will be there to offer you moral support, emotional support, motivation and inspiration throughout your journey as well as answer any questions you may have.

Why MyKetoInfo?

Have you ever noticed how most pages on the web today are full of Sponsorships, Advertising, and other ways to produce money for the company? Well one thing that we here at MyKetoInfo believe in, is not focusing on money except for what is needed to move the company forward to help as many people as possible! As such, we’re focusing solely on creating revenue through memberships from our clientele.


With that said, I wanted to briefly go over some of the various things you might receive as part of one of our membership programs.


  • Discounted Rates on Added Services. ¹
  • All of our Plans give direct access to an assigned Health & Wellness Life Coach who will be with you on your journey to better health. ²
  • A custom sample 7 day meal plan.
  • Assistance with Goal Setting / Charting & Scheduling.
  • Menu Planning / Grocery List Assistance & More.

¹ Discounts range from 5% to 15% based upon your Membership Subscription Level.
² Your access to a coach will vary depending upon the type of Membership Subscription. Each level has different types of access to Coaches.