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Have you ever noticed all health websites are the same? They all spam you with a ton of ads, and it makes the content really difficult to get to. We want to be different, so our service will be funded directly by our clients. As a Tier 2 client, some of the benefits you will receive are:

  • Full Website Access
  • Discounted Rate on Any Other Products or Services: 20%
  • Access to a Wellness & Health Life Coach via:
    • E-Mail - Please remember, E-Mail is the slowest response method, so Coaches may not be able to respond right away. They will however respond as quickly as they possibly can, typically within 48-72 Business Hours.
    • Facebook¬†- Facebook does allow a much faster response than E-Mail, and as it is a Social Media Medium, the response time will typically be much faster than E-Mail except in very rare instances. You can expect the average response time to take up to, but not limited to, 36 Business Hours.
    • Text Messages¬†- Text Messaging is just about the fastest you can get a response from one of our Coaches. You can expect the average response time to take up to 10 hours. This is primarily due to sleep though, so it isn't normal. Most text messages will get responses within 30 minutes to an hour assuming the coach isn't in a meeting of some sort.
  • Sample 7 Day Kickstart Guide
  • Meal Planning Assistance & Grocery List Assistance
  • Goal Planning / Scheduling
  • Stress Management Assistance
  • We will be holding Drawings & Contests from time to time, to encourage people to push their hardest and achieve more than they ever thought possible. At the beginning of each billing cycle, your Coach will work with you to set up your Goal sheet and Goal schedule. Based upon these two things, the Coach will determine your markers. If you reach a certain point, you will receive a ticket in order to be added to the next Drawing/Contest.

* Prices are subject to change, however notifications will always be sent to your E-Mail address on file before changes are made. Please make sure to add * to your filters and make sure these E-Mails do not go to your spam folder. If you need help on learning how to do this, please let us know.


The price for membership is $24.99 now and then $29.99 per Month.

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