Getting Started With Keto

How to begin a lifestyle change

Getting Started
The first thing I have found with most any lifestyle change, is that it must be accepted that change is required. Whether change is needed because of morbidly obesity (which was my case), or because of some disease. There are many reasons why a person may end up needing to change their lifestyle. Some people decide that a lifestyle change is just something that will enable them better health for many years to come.



When first getting started, it's a good idea to research and find out about exactly what it is you're getting into. In the case of a Ketogenic lifestyle, it is a diet that is designed to put the body into a state of Ketosis. Ketosis is metabolic state in which the body moves from using Carbohydrates for fuel to using Fat for Fuel. The state of Ketosis can actually be achieved through many methods. Ultimately it is achieved when the body runs out of glucose stores and the body has to turn to an alternative source for fuel. This happens for a variety of reasons, such as during intense physical activity such as High-Intensity Interval Training. It also happens during periods of Fasting, Carb Restriction, and can also happen due to alcohol consumption and for other reasons as well. For our purposes here, obviously we are focused on Carb Restriction as that is what the Ketogenic lifestyle is all about.


To find out a little bit more about Keto you can read this article here.


Now that you've done your research, and you know what it is you are possibly getting into and you are all set to dive in to the lifestyle.. Stop! Take a minute, breathe and set up a doctor's appointment! Please read our Medical Disclaimer.

What can I eat?

What can I Eat?


Now that you've talked to the doctor, and gotten cleared and are all ready you may be asking yourself, well I'm ready to start my new lifestyle but what can I eat? Well with changing to this way of eating, for the first several months as you shop, you'll have to examine every label for nutritional information as well as ingredients. You want items that are moderate/high in protein, moderate/high in fat, and no or low carb. To get into a state of ketosis, you will need to eat more fat and less carbs, once your body has become fat adapted you can lower the amount of fat you eat. Ex: Kraft Philidelphia Cream Cheese, Pork Rinds, Beef, Pork, Chicken, Fish, Eggs, Avocados.


For more information please click onĀ Introduction to Keto.

What to Expect

Unfortunately while we'd all love to have our weight fall off overnight, this isn't the reality. For some people you will see a large amount of weight fall off in the first week or two. This is because there is a lot of inflammation and water being stored in the body, and Keto being naturally curative to this gets rid of both. Please take some time and read over my Worst Mistakes Any Dieter Can Make & What To Expect pages. This will set you up with a more proper expectation going into your journey.


What is Fat Adaptation


Fat Adaptation is when your body undergoes the changes necessary for your body to fully switch from Carbohydrate as fuel to Fat as Fuel. While Ketosis is the primary source for this, it takes time for the body to get to the optimal fat burning stage. You can read more about Fat Adaptation at the link.