Get Creative w/ Food, Experiment!

Getting Creative w/ Food: Main

Remember, the main thing that makes Lifestyle change the hardest is getting bored with food choices. With that being said, you have an absolutely unlimited number of food choices to choose from. You can get creative w/ food, and change up your routine. One good piece of advice, is to go through your entire month and pre-plan meals. Don’t “Double up” on meals, unless it’s a meal you really, really enjoy. Then, next month, the same calendar can be reused and mixed up as you see fit. You can add in some new ideas to the calendar to spice it up a little.

Getting Creative w/ Food: Vegetables & Sides!

You can pick from a lot of vegetable & side options that to mix in with your meals. We often times feel like the options are very limited, but in reality there is a lot of choice. I have created a chart that has the majority of the vegetables that can be used.

Low Carb Chart

You can use these, and there are others that can be used as well. This is just a compilation of some of the most commonly used “sides”. You can get creative with these and use them in all sorts of ways. Some of my favorites are Green Bean Casserole (Keto), Greek Salad, Cauliflower Rice (All Variations), Brussels Sprouts (They are surprisingly versatile, and able to be used in many ways. Sliced & Fried, Shredded and used in a slaw, Fried and eaten whole with Bacon & Butter, etc.), Celery w/ Almond Butter & Olives (Ants on a log, Keto Version), Mushrooms & Onions go with just about everything.

Getting Creative w/ Food: Conclusion

In conclusion, these are just a few things you can do, there are of course many more out there. There are limitless options, I’d love to hear some of the creative meals you’ve come up with. Please feel free to drop some ideas down in the comments for others to be able to share in them as well.

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