Buff Business: How to Build Muscle on a Keto Diet

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We know what you’re thinking. Is it even possible to build muscle on a low-carb diet?

Yes! And we’ve got evidence to prove it.

A keto diet program can help you stay in lean shape but there’s more. It also supports mental clarity, stabilized blood sugar levels and a more controlled appetite. This means you’re in prime condition to achieve your health goals.

Now, there are tons of myths surrounding exercise and fitness with Keto dieting but that’s probably because those who try their hand at it don’t really know what to expect.

Here’s what to do during your Keto diet to build muscle!

1. Strength train regularly

Resistance training is what builds muscle and if you do it regularly, you’ll be able to reduce your body fat levels even when you’re hitting above the calorie mark. 2–3 times of weight training should suffice. Make sure you target all your major muscle groups for best results. Try weighted squats, lunges and bench presses.

2. Keep the protein content high

Sometimes, when you’re focused on reducing your carb intake, you forget about the rest of your macro and micronutrients. When it comes to muscle synthesis, protein is the most important element needed by your body. Now some people worry that too much protein will also be converted to glucose and that will mess up their carbohydrate intake. Frankly, with a solid workout you don’t need to worry about a bit of glucose giving you extra energy. Let the protein molecules take over.

3. Go easy on the calorie mark

This might sound counter intuitive to a Keto diet follower but calorie marks for muscle building and weight loss are different concepts. For muscle growth, you should be eating somewhere 200 to 400 calories above your calorie mark.

If you need more guidance on this topic, you can always get your personalized macro consultation from us. It’ll give you tips and recommendations customized for your health goals!

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4. Practice patience

As is the case with any diet, results take time to show. If you’re just recently transitioning to a Ketogenic diet, then your body will take time to adjust its metabolic processes. By all means, keep doing your workouts diligently. You’ll be able to see muscle growth anytime after the first two weeks of your Keto-friendly training session.

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