We are all about creating a system of pre-healthcare through information and people accessible to those who are working on bettering themselves. Pre-healthcare is working to better yourself so that you can prevent extremely costly healthcare needs in the future, or at least minimize them. Our founder started his journey after 4 months in the hospital and found that it was time he wanted to change his life. Within the span of 2 years he managed to lose 200lbs, going from 617lbs down to under 420. You can follow his journey here, and get help and motivation from him and others!While we do specialize in the Ketogenic Lifestyle. Keto is not the only lifestyle we work with though. We understand that one size does not fit all, and that everybody is different.
If you are on a program outside of a Ketogenic lifestyle, and wish not to partake in Keto, we can definitely still work with you! Our job is to take existing knowledge and expanding it in new and profound ways and apply it to everybody in ways that will benefit them. So while a Ketogenic lifestyle may not be right for you, there are definitely things we can all learn from it. We are consistently researching, diversifying and learning about all areas of health so that we can best help our clientele. We hope you’ll join our community and let us help you!

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We offer 4 levels of support in order to get the most value from your dollar. We understand in this day and age that money is tight, and that we all have to watch where we spend. At the same time, there are coaches out there who cost hundreds and thousands of dollars a month. We want to design a new model where we can help bring you information on a Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Yearly basis.


Tier 1: Full Website Access. This gives you access to all the recipes, all of the content, and gives you access to a Coach via E-Mail 24/7. Response times will vary.


Tier 2: Full website access, E-Mail Support & You will also be able to reach out to your designated Coach on Facebook at any time. Responses times will vary but usually within 8-12 hours.


Tier 3: Full Website Access, E-Mail Support, Facebook Support & You also receive text message access, as well as premium support. This means you will have priority access. That is to say if you are having an emergency, and you are on the edge of eating something you know you shouldn’t. You can text your coach and they may text you back, or may even call you to help talk you down, and remind you of why you are doing what you are doing.


Tier 4: Full Website Access, E-Mail Support, Facebook Support, Text Messaging Support & Direct phone access to a coach during business hours. You will be able to call your coach directly, but only during hours specified by your coach. It will usually be at minimum a 4 hour window during the day, 5 days a week but could potentially be a much larger window depending on the coach and their availability. This means that no matter what, you will have a coach on call for you. And, if your coach is not available to talk at that very moment you can always text and they will respond usually within a few hours at most (if they are awake of course).

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Better Health, Better Health With MyKetoInfo, MyKetoInfo


Great Support, Research and Help!

Better Health, Better Health With MyKetoInfo, MyKetoInfo

Daniel has done all the research you can imagine on low carb and keto! He’s been a great asset on my weight loss journey which I have lost 273lbs since August 2016! I was 540lbs when I started but weighed in at 267lbs this past weekend. He has great knowledge of keto and low carb!… Read more “Great Support, Research and Help!”

Jeffery Wayne Adams