Preventative Nutrition & Pre-Healthcare

Our Ketogenic nutrition platform is all about creating a system of pre-healthcare through information. Making people accessible to those who are working on bettering themselves is key to this. Our online pre-healthcare program is made for those who are working to better themselves so that they can prevent expensive healthcare needs in the future, or minimize them.


Our founder started his journey after spending 4 months in the hospital and he wanted to change his life. Within the span of 2 years he managed to lose 200lbs, going from 617lbs down to under 420. You can follow his journey here, and get help and motivation from him and others!


While we do specialize in the Ketogenic Lifestyle, it is not the only lifestyle we help with. We understand that one size does not fit all, and that everybody is different. Our online nutrition and life coaches focus on health and wellness programs that are holistic and inclusive for everyone!


If you are on a program outside of a Ketogenic lifestyle, and wish to remain on said program we can definitely still work with you!


Our job is to take existing knowledge, then expand it in new ways and apply it to everybody in ways that will benefit them. So while a Ketogenic diet program may not be right for you; there are definitely things we can all learn from it. We are consistently researching, diversifying and learning about all areas of health so that we can best help our clientele.


We hope you’ll join our community, so we can help you. You can get membership starting for free @ Membership Services, or you can purchase one of our coaching packages if you’re interested in having a personal coach guide you on your wellness journey.


Ketogenic nutrition platform, Online Nutrition Coach | Ketogenic Diet Programs, MyKetoInfo



Great Support, Research and Help!

Ketogenic nutrition platform, Online Nutrition Coach | Ketogenic Diet Programs, MyKetoInfo

Daniel has done all the research you can imagine on low carb and keto! He’s been a great asset on my weight loss journey which I have lost 273lbs since August 2016! I was 540lbs when I started but weighed in at 267lbs this past weekend. He has great knowledge of keto and low carb!… Read more “Great Support, Research and Help!”

Jeffery Wayne Adams