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Our Health and Wellness Support Systems are all about creating a system of Support for anyone who is seeking a lifestyle of Health and Wellness. Making information, and coaches available on a near round the clock basis is key to this. Our program focuses on helping people through knowledge, motivation, inspiration, dedication and support! We promise that so long as you are on your journey, we will never give up on you!


Our founder started this program because during his own journey he found that while he had some familial support, it wasn’t quite enough. He had to do a lot of researching on his own, and had to buckle down and fortify his own willpower which was incredibly hard to do. Having a background in both Customer Service and Technical Support, he had come to only one logical conclusion. Support from the right people was about the most important thing in life no matter what the endeavor. Our coaches are developed and trained with the client in mind. What this means is that you will find they are Friendly, Intelligent, Great Listeners who take your needs to heart. We vow to ensure the best possible experience once you connect with one of our coaches.


While we do specialize in the Ketogenic Lifestyle as that is what our Founder lost over 100lbs on, it is not the only lifestyle we support. One of our mottos is “One size does not fit all.”, because we know that everyone is different. Our online Health and Wellness Coaches focus on plans that are holistic and inclusive of the entire body. This means that we don’t just treat the body we work with the mind as well!


One of our goals is knowledge! We research and learn as much as we can. Once we’ve acquired the knowledge, we use it in multiple applications in order to ensure the best results. That way we can develop programs for everybody. So while a Ketogenic diet program may not be right for you; there are definitely things we can all learn from it. We are consistently researching, diversifying and learning about all areas of health so that we can best help our clients.


We hope you’ll join our community, so we can help you on your journey. If you are interested in Becoming a Coach, please fill out this form. If you are wanting to join us and receive the best support available, please contact us so we can get back in touch with you asap.

Great Support, Research and Help!

Daniel has done all the research you can imagine on low carb and keto! He’s been a great asset on my weight loss journey which I have lost 273lbs since August 2016! I was 540lbs when I started but weighed in at 267lbs this past weekend. He has great knowledge of keto and low carb!… Read more “Great Support, Research and Help!”

Jeffery Wayne Adams